Our Classes

Our classes combine ancient and modern yoga techniques, including those focused on breathing, meditation, body purification, relaxation and static postures. Each class is unique and crafted from a repository which, including variations, encompasses over 2,000 postures, over 100 breathing techniques, hundreds of meditative and relaxation practices, and dozens of body cleansing techniques.

Our approach to yoga gives you the means and knowledge to become healthier, stronger, stabler and more resourceful to proactively address the usual physical and mental transformation and decay that inevitably accompanies the ageing body and brain. Although you should not expect our yoga classes to solve all your health problems, they are designed to significantly enhance your quality of life and prospects of living a healthier, more meaningful life for longer.

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Classes last 60 minutes and begin with a grounding practice to help you tune in with yourself, the group and the present moment. Then, the bulk of the session is focused on the body and dedicated to covering each of these general goals:

  • Strengthen and balance the body’s major muscles, bones and joints to safely increase mobility and range of motion. 
  • Increase respiratory capacity and train the lungs to be used effectively at an optimal rhythm.
  • Use adequate breathing patterns to aid the body functions and gain insight into different states of consciousness. 
  • Sharper the mind’s ability to concentrate and observe its mental processes, particularly emotions.
  • Use gravity to improve balance, confidence and increase the blood flow to specific areas of the body.
  • Promote spinal health and a healthy posture through breathing and postural alignment to create space for safe and stable torsions, flexions, extensions and tractions of the spine.
  • Stretch all major muscles and tendons to release tension and promote relaxation and well-being.

Following this general work the class focus on either upper or lower-body training depending on the day (thus the recommendation of two classes a week as the minimal goal for yoga practitioners).

In the final quarter of each class, we explore specific areas of consciousness through either a deep guided relaxation or an advanced breathing technique, followed by meditation or mindfulness.

Importantly, we do not do fixed sequences as we focus on the permanence of each posture rather than the repetition of multiple flows.

The room temperature is maintained at around 21 C. Appropriate music, scent and lighting are used throughout the session to guide the experience.

The teacher demonstrates and describes all techniques. Adjustments and corrections, when necessary, are provided orally and visually, except for handstands and headstands if hands-on alignment is advised and the student consents.